Mancy & Sterling
Attorneys at Law

Mancy & Sterling provides comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Long Island and New York City.  

We have an impeccable reputation as dedicated advocates who provide clients with informed representation and objective insights. Founding attorneys James Mancy and Nancy Sterling are committed to guiding clients through the legal system and working to protect their interests. By understanding their circumstances, we work to help them achieve their objectives. When you become our client, we will listen to your concerns, explore your options and choose the best approach. 

At Mancy & Sterling, our guiding principle is to put clients first, tailoring our services to their unique needs. 

Trust Our Experience

The attorneys at Mancy & Sterling are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers with a proven history of achieving positive outcomes through mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

When you meet with us, you will find a secure environment in which you can make informed decisions. Our firm has successfully handled hundreds of cases, earning a reputation for achieving favorable outcomes. From crafting well-conceived contracts for businesses to advocating for clients in court or providing sound guidance on personal legal issues, we deliver results. Your trust in our experience is the foundation of an enduring attorney-client partnership.

When you partner with Mancy and Sterling, having our legal team in your corner will give you confidence. 

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