Samantha Sterling

Attorney at Law

Samantha is a dedicated and compassionate attorney who embodies dedication, empathy, and unwavering commitment to justice. Her impact is felt not only within our walls but also in the lives of the clients she represents.

Compassion is at the heart of Samantha’s practice. Clients often remark that she feels like a member of their own family, a testament to her ability to connect on a personal level and truly understand their needs. Her empathetic approach and unwavering support have earned her the trust and gratitude of countless clients.

Samantha’s remarkable achievements reached a pinnacle last year when she made headlines for securing justice for three families who tragically lost beloved members due to negligence in a popular assisted living facility. Her tireless advocacy and dedication to securing a brighter future for her clients demonstrate her commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of those who need it most.

  • BA, Stanford University
  • JD, Princeton Law School
  • Bar Association for Women
  • Sullivan County Bar Association
  • Society for Law Firm Executives
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